Double M Carport
  • Polycarbonate Double M Carport
  • Brand: Sun Life
  • Country of origin:China
  • Pack: Cardboard cartons
  • Delivery:7 Days After receiving 30% Deposit
Product description Technical parameter size of product applied range

Polycarbonate Double M Carport(Aluminum Carport)

■Aluminum alloy frame
The main body was made of high-strength Aluminum alloy frame,processed with electrostatic powder coating technology and High durability antioxidant treatment,Its service life is more than 30 years without maintenance. 



■Roofing Panel

PC solid sheet is made of 100% virgin Sabic Lexan materials, with one side 50 micron UV layer, prevent 99.9% harmful UV and 10 Years Guarantee.Additionally, it has Excellent impact resistance: 20times that of same thickness of Glass and Flame resistance,Light weight ect.The panel can Protect the car paint surface and control the car temperature continues to rise when the sun shines.





Adopting  high-strength Aluminum alloy with Unique humanized design to avoid the rain falling into the car, which causes the car the second pollution.Due to its Reasonable structure,it is easy to be cleaned.


■Two or more units can be jointed together in various ways ,in order to protect a wider range of diamesions in different topologies



1) Single Carport Latest Installation 3 D video



2)Single Carport Real Installation  Video



3)Jointed Single Carport in Line Installation Video


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